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Sur Les Ailes D'Amour x

(meaning : on the Wings of Love x)




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Sur Les Ailes D'Amour x

(meaning : on the Wings of Love x)



A beautiful 'White Dove' Release

for Any Occasion !

..... Unforgettable !




'Oh that I had the Wings of a Dove

for then I would fly away and be at peace'

- Psalm 55.6




Doves are a World Wide symbol of Peace, Love and Serenity -

all thoughts that we would like to give to our departed ones

These emotional feelings can be represented through the symbolic release of Doves

as part of the Funeral Service

We can offer this Service at the Graveside, or in the Garden of Remembrance


Saying Goodbye to a loved one is never easy

A beautiful tribute is to release Doves

Soaring above, symbolizing that Blessed Hope for Time and for Eternity


At Funeral & Memorial Services, a Dove Release is a peaceful and healing tribute

A beautiful way of expressing a final Goodbuy, of letting go




The release of Doves offers a feeling of Peace and Calmness

helping bring closure to family members of a lost loved one

A unique heartfelt way to honour your loved one at the Graveside Service

We will accommodate each familys individual needs for a loving tribute

We understand your grief and your needs during this time of loss

We can co-ordinate your Dove Release with you or your Funeral Director

We will arrive, be ready and waiting prior to your arrival

Consider giving a loving tribute with or in lieu of flowers

A memory that will long be remembered in everyones heart




We will do our utmost to accommodate your request

as we understand the hurried planning of funerals,

your call is never too late

and can be individually designed for your exact wishes

All our Doves are presented in tastefully decorated baskets




Memorial Doves

Some families get together on the anniversary of the passing of their loved ones,

to remember them, place flowers, say a prayer and release Doves

as a token of remembrance

It brings comfort to those who feel a message is being sent to their dearly departed;

to let them know they are being thought of



When you are looking for that extra special something .....

..... a simple gesture can speak a thousand words !

an everlasting memory, just for you



The Doves would love to help you on your Sad Day




* Dignity Package *

a Single White Dove

A Single White Dove is released in memory of the dearly departed

This represents a quiet moment of reflection and a sense of enlightenhment

that the soul has lifted and become free to begin its heavenly journey home

The Spirit Dove may be released by a family member or loved one

from a decorative basket or by hand




* Dignity & Love Package *

a pair of White Doves

A pair of White Doves is symbolic of the joining of two souls

Perhaps your loved one is joining another who has departed

On the occasion that you might be putting to rest your second parent,

a two White Dove release

is offered, to symbolize them being together once again for all time

The two White Doves may be released by a family member or loved one

again from a decorative basket or by hand




* Eternity ; Holy Trinity *

A family member or loved one steps forward and released one White Dove

from a decorative basket or by hand

Followed by 3 Whte Doves from a decorative basket

representing The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit

Loving guided on the final journey home




* Flock of White Doves ; Serenity Package *

A flock of White Doves are released from a large decorative basket,

representing 10 Angels soaring into the sky,

usually circuling to get their direction to make their trip home

then moments later .....

A Single White Dove is released,

symbolising the departed spirit, it joins the others

The soaring flight of White Doves into the heavens

is a peaceful and uplifting moment




We are always happy to give friendly,

but no less professional advice,

about our special unique service


Kindest Regards

Jacqui x




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